LUMIERE DE SEL FINE Himalayan Salt ( 500 Gr )

LUMIERE DE SEL FINE Himalayan Salt ( 500 Gr )

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  • It contains up to 84 minerals and trace elements
  • It is an all-natural, unrefined form of salt with absolutely no additives
  • The most natural source of mineral intake available
Lumière de Sel® Himalayan Crystal Salt delivers the entire mineral spectrum our body needs. The minerals in this Crystal Salt are present in a colloidal form. This means that minerals found in Lumière de Sel® Himalayan Crystal Salt such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Selenium as well as trace elements, are readily available to the body in the exact balanced proportion for optimum absorption.This translucent crystal has a perfect geometrical structure: ionized colloidal. As a result, all of its minerals and trace elements are totally absorbed by our bodies. Compared to ordinary sea salt under a microscope, we can see that the elements of Himalayan Crystal Salt are perfectly linked to the crystal itself, while in ordinary sea salt they are dispersed without any links


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