WILD ROSE Liver Detox (15 days)

WILD ROSE Liver Detox (15 days)

Wild Rose
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  • Easy 15-Day Program
  • Meal Plan Enclosed
  • Gently stimulate bile production
  • Enhance digestion
  • Used as a liver protectant

  • Description

    Liver D-Tox from Wild Rose contains three unique herbal blends -Bilherb, Milk Thistle Plus and C-Herbaplex to help protect and detox the liver. The liver is a very important organ that is responsible for many different bodily functions. With today's diet and lifestyle the liver can be overburdened, causing congestion and sluggishness resulting in toxins and waste in the body to build up. Liver D-tox can help eliminate these toxins and waste to enhance digestion and stimulate bile production.